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Hélène Adamo

Hélène Adamo

Mediactivist / Photojournalist

41 years old
Driving License
Paris France
Freelancer Open to opportunities
Can we cure our illness with words? By multiplying the bridges between the living world and our humanity?
#BridgingTheGaps #FertileDisobedience #BetweenUs

Currently developing Theia MediaLab (working title), an independent #SlowNews ecofeminist media emancipating our consciousness from expressions like anticapitalist, antipatriarchy, antidomination, decolonization. Let's (re)build a tangible and fertile lexical field for neologisms.

Foster the emergence of our exoisms (copyleft Damasio), stimulate our critical thinking to tame our cognitive biases.

If inequality seemed to have diminished in recent decades, it is just because, hidden in the shadows, patriarchy was slyly proceeding with its face masked'. Hidden behind insidious rhetoric, it replaced meaningful words with operational concepts, de facto reducing our cognitive abilities. Bewitched, our collective intelligence has somewhat sunk into cognitive dissonance. So here we are now, assigned to resistance against this artificial humanity.

If I choose the point of view of women, it is because we are the only ones who are both crazy and wise enough to defeat this old world and invent the next one.

After social conquests, haro on mental conquests. Our brains are lazy. Let's challenge them!
Faites du bruit, dansez sous la pluie, loin des mains de Balkany ! #FêteDeLaMusique2020 #PrenonsLaUne
"Dernière sommation ! Nous allons faire usage de notre cervelle !" #PanserLesMauxParLesMots #Vélorution #Humourution #QuolibetsEtSonnettes #PayezLesSoignantE...
We chose to bite the dust
#NotEditedByGoogleAI #BellesEtRebelles #PoubellesPourAllerDanser #LeCoupDeMainDesColibris #PapillonsDePoubelle
Un projet par les habitant⸱es et pour les habitant⸱es du quartier de La Noue à Bagnolet. Sur une musique des jeunes du Centre Socioculturel Guy Toffoletti. Merci Alhassane & Temps Libre !
A Virtual Reality multi-passengers exhibition & an Augmented Reality mobile application.
The VR exhibition premiered in Paris at the Arbaic World Institute (May 2017) then was presented at the Tel Aviv Film Festival (June 2017), at the MIT Museum (2017, Oct. 5th - Dec. 31st) and at Centre Phi in Montreal (March 2018). World tour is still ongoing!
In 1883 painter Claude Monet first rented a house in the French town of Giverny. After purchasing the property and adjoining land, the artist transformed an existing small pond into a water garden with water lilies and a Japanese-style bridge from which he could observe the water and the flowers.
Find all the missing children and their toys from the famous 'Children's Games' painting by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
A project by gordon & Andrès Jarach
Around the “Gloria” (or “Benedictus” or “Agnus Dei) of Mozart’s Coronation Mass, enjoy a staged journey made up of long-takes and 360° views from inside the orchestra. The experience is sensory – an immersion into the sound itself, a journey through the orchestra, filmed and recorded in a masterpiece of Flamboyant Gothic, the Cathédrale de Saint-Omer, inscribed in the list of Historic Monuments. A unique way of feeling the music, an “almost physical encounter” with Mozart’s work.
Creation date
15 nov. 2016
MOON is a journey to connect to the Moon, every day: the application includes excerpts from the documentary films directed by François de Riberolles and Alexander Abela (2015, Camera lucida, Planète+ and France Télévisions). It also presents exclusive content to learn all about our unique natural satellite.
At the end of 2012, Laetitia Masson chose to question our societies, through the lens of commitment and disengagement. Politics, human, lovers ... A unique web experience: http://the-end.nouvelles-ecritures.francetv.fr #TheEndEtc


A transmedia story about a young man with amnesia who is trapped reliving the same three days until he can solve the mystery of his identity. Retrogaming, immersive fiction, interactive web series and AR smartphone application.
Creation date
12 juin 2012
Webmagazine/ cinema/ mashup