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Hélène Adamo

Hélène Adamo

Mediactivist / Photojournalist

41 years old
Driving License
Paris France
Freelancer Open to opportunities
Can we cure our illness with words? By multiplying the bridges between the living world and our humanity?
#BridgingTheGaps #FertileDisobedience #BetweenUs

Currently developing Theia MediaLab (working title), an independent #SlowNews ecofeminist media emancipating our consciousness from expressions like anticapitalist, antipatriarchy, antidomination, decolonization. Let's (re)build a tangible and fertile lexical field for neologisms.

Foster the emergence of our exoisms (copyleft Damasio), stimulate our critical thinking to tame our cognitive biases.

If inequality seemed to have diminished in recent decades, it is just because, hidden in the shadows, patriarchy was slyly proceeding with its face masked'. Hidden behind insidious rhetoric, it replaced meaningful words with operational concepts, de facto reducing our cognitive abilities. Bewitched, our collective intelligence has somewhat sunk into cognitive dissonance. So here we are now, assigned to resistance against this artificial humanity.

If I choose the point of view of women, it is because we are the only ones who are both crazy and wise enough to defeat this old world and invent the next one.

After social conquests, haro on mental conquests. Our brains are lazy. Let's challenge them!

Softwares, social medias & OS

  • Mac, Windows & Linux OS
  • Suite Adobe CC (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • GAFAM but more likely Diaspora, Discord & Mastodon @BisounoursDeter
  • Pack Office, Framasoft, KeyNote

Filming equipment & XR

  • DSLR
  • Osmo 2 mobile
  • 360° shooting
  • Oculus CV1, HTC Vive + Optitrack tracking system


  • english (fluent)
  • français (native)
  • italian


  • Photography
  • Guitar player / lyrics writer
  • Tennis, squash, horse ridding
  • mindfulness meditation, yoga, qi gong

Master 2 - MICNI


2012 to 2013
Interactive & immersive storytelling
UX/UI & social design
Director - Editor

Master of Science

Pierre & Marie Curie - Paris Sorbonne University

2004 to 2005
3D image
  • Collective emancipation through the arts
  • XR & visual arts education
  • Cooperative ecosystem
  • Work with executive new media producer
  • Social design, video editing & community management
  • Production & post-production coordination
Detailed Description
  • THE END ETC. (2012-2014): a web-documentary-fiction experience: http://the-end.nouvelles-ecritures.francetv.fr/
    Starring Élodie Bouchez, Aurore Clément, Jérôme Kircher, André Wilms
    OST by Jean-Louis Murat
    A unique web-based experience that questions our societies through the lens of commitment and disengagement. This three level experience includes a research-based narrative designed with the French Institute for Research and Innovation. The audience can participate and influence the sequences order with their own tags, as an echo to the words proposed by the filmmaker. A transitional space allowing a transversal reading of the complete raw material of the director to invite the audience to share their own generated film on social medias.
  • Collaboration with a French research lab that develops real-time online interactive editing tools (2012-2014)
  • MÊME PAS MAL (2011-2012): transmedia project development
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  • Augmented Reality experience conception
  • Social design & community engagement
  • Crowdfunding coordination: http://fr.ulule.com/3x3-1/
  • Documentary series development
  • Public and private grants submissions
  • Benchmark & case studies for Orange Healthcare
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Detailed Description
  • Part-time in San Francisco
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